Win when you Lose

  I’m fairly new to blogging my opinion, but it seems just as I’ve finished one piece it leads on to another idea, so I thought I’d share that too. My first piece “Stop and get Board”, in which I covered how it’s not a bad idea to switch off screens for a while and sit down and play a board game together. As I was writing it I noted a point, which I thought Read more about Win when you Lose[…]

Stop and get Board

The other day I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was making a board game and he was really surprised and wondered why I wasn’t making a computer game. Whilst I love computer games/apps (and I plan to make a version of my board game as a screen-based app at some point) I explained how the board game experience is so much more rewarding. This isn’t an anti-computer game article. The advances of Read more about Stop and get Board[…]