4th December 2018


We’ve decided to make a colouring book for all ages be they big or small, to keep people entertained in this time of isolation and being at home. Simply download, pick the pages you’d like to colour in and print them out and then let your creativity go wild. When you’re done, share them with us on facebook or instagram @godottygame #GoDottyColourIn   This colouring book is a not-for-profit production. ———————————————————–
  I’m fairly new to blogging my opinion, but it seems just as I’ve finished one piece it leads on to another idea, so I thought I’d share that too. My first piece “Stop and get Board”, in which I covered how it’s not a bad idea to switch off screens for a while and sit down and play a board game together. As I was writing it I noted a point, which I thought

28th November 2018

Stop and get Board

The other day I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was making a board game and he was really surprised and wondered why I wasn’t making a computer game. Whilst I love computer games/apps (and I plan to make a version of my board game as a screen-based app at some point) I explained how the board game experience is so much more rewarding. This isn’t an anti-computer game article. The advances of